"Lost Lake is the return of the collaborative project between sound art duo Vernon & Burns (Mark Vernon and Barry Burns) with Lied Music (Luke Fowler and John W Fail). It is a sequel to the long-sold out LP Lied Music vs. Boy-Band Tax Returns (Ultra Eczema, 2006). This collaboration merges musique concrète compositional approaches with absurdist improvisational strategies. The album showcases their tendencies towards primitive melodies with dissonant underbellies, all carefully sculpted into liminal narratives. The four artists met in Glasgow where they recorded a series of sporadic improvised sessions using a diverse array of sound-making instruments (amplified toys and objects, guitar, analogue synths, percussion, squeeze box, field recordings and found tapes). Improvised sessions from 2008 were subsequently manipulated, tortured and caressed, both individually and collectively, into a series of highly idiosyncratic song-forms and sound collages. Limited edition of 300 vinyl LPs. Screen-printed artwork by Corn Sworn." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| SHADAZZ | 13.90

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