"Want bespoke jingles for your commercial productions? Require pre-tailored musical solutions for your dramatic creations? Need them quickly and cheaply? Here's the answer. In The Light at the End of the Dial, Vernon & Burns offer 14 exciting multi-use modular selections of mood and tempo in the most contemporary idioms to suit a wide range of productions and products, engineered for complete editing flexibility. Music precision-crafted for plastic expression with the following themes and applications: Documentary, reportage, news, sport, technical, scientific, criminal, corporate, adventure, murder, horror, terror, error, erotic, exotic, neurotic, narcotic, psychedelic, psychiatric, bureaucratic, tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimited. Many other genres too numerous to list! Vernon & Burns are a duo of sound makers who create radio plays, records and performances through an innovative mix of samples, field recordings, voice and music. Dredging the kleptomanic plunderground, this singular double act in stereo creates aural mystery from oral history. Rarely agreeing upon anything, their music is a tug-of-war between music hall and musique concrète. From the gently sublime to the raucously ridiculous they create a soundtrack to the notion of nonsense." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| GAGARIN | 16.90

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