"Vert called it 'octatone rag' for two reasons: it uses a scale called the octatonic scale and it reminded him of ragtime, particularly in the first part. The octatonic scale was invented (discovered? popularised?) by Olivier Messiaen, it's one of what he called the 'modes of limited transposition'. The middle section of the 'octatone rag' uses prepared notes, which means that Vert had stuck objects between the strings to change the timbre. This technique was invented (discovered? popularised?) by John Cage when he realised that he couldn't fit an entire percussion ensemble onto a stage. Vert used screws, bits of eraser and keyrings. ACOUSTIC INTERFACE aka Andreas Lubich is known as one quarter of ALBOTH. Andreas had the fortunate opportunity to record a manipulated Calliope (or Grinder Organ) during a visit in New York. The player was apparently unhappy when he found that somebody was recording his music, so he tried everything to destroy the songs his instrument normally plays. So what you hear is not the result of Andreas' mastering - it is absolutely live!" (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 2001| m/vg+| EMPHASE | 5.00

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