"Adam Butler aka VERT's first album was titled "The Köln Konzert" and appeared in 1999 on sonig, the Cologne institution for nonlinear electronic music. Shortly afterwards Butler left his home in London and was pulled into the Bermuda Triangle of Mouse On Mars / a-Musik / sonig; at the end of the nineties, Cologne was after all still the capital of German electronic music. In the years that followed, he left his mark on the experimental electronic scene and defined his own complex sound language. After three albums on sonig, VERT released "Some Beans and an Octopus" (2006) - an album focused more explicitly than ever before on songwriting and pop music. With this, his last regular album, he succeeded beautifully in getting the balance right between song and experiment. In hindsight, it must have had something to do with his weakness for ragtime. But then in 2009, Butler declared that he would stop making music. Fans, critics, and record labels were shocked. Instead, he wanted to write a novel. Which he did. It was not until the death of his father, himself a passionate musician, that VERT finally decided to go on. So now, nine years after "Some Beans.", VERT is back. And it's as if his last album for sonig just came out. The eleven songs on THE DAYS WITHIN don't have much to do with ragtime, but they have plenty to do with songwriting. A kind of songwriting that is so typical of VERT, who has meanwhile relocated to Berlin, that it can hardly be mistaken for anyone else's. The tracks on THE DAYS WITHIN all have such a well-defined profile that it is difficult to describe them in terms of one specific style. VERT's music is a mix of melancholy, sophisticated arrangement, densely woven sounds, delicate irony, and many surprises." (label info) comes with download code. also available on CD
in stock | DE| 2015| SHITKATAPULT | 16.90

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