""The Köln Konzert" was directly inspired by Keith Jarrett's recording of the same name. recorded live at the White Noise Bar, Köln on May 6th 1999 and edited at Yrs Truly, London. "The Köln Konzert was written to celebrate the launch of "Mewantemooseic" (sonig 06), which was held at White Noise Bar, Köln. When I started thinking about playing in Köln, I knew I had to do something really special in deference to the city's recent musical history. The idea of using Keith Jarrett's 'Köln Concert' as a starting point initially made me giggle, but listening to the piece made me realise that there were musical nuggets that I could extract and use." In "The Köln Konzert" Vert created a kind of piano-heavy electronic album. At any rate it pays musical homage to the piano, an instrument from which Vert eminently entices a rich palette of sound. The piano has become a sort of trademark for him, and one he is constantly redefining." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2000| SONIG | 12.90

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