"Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited is a stunning reimagining of Kraftwerk's seminal album, created to celebrate its 40th anniversary Radioland was initially devised as a breathtaking audio-visual live experience by the Anglo-French trio of Matthew Bourne (synthesisers, voice), Franck Vigroux (electronics) and visual artist Antoine Schmitt. The original music has been transformed with hurricanes of modulated electronics, earthshattering bass frequencies, vocoders ebbing and throbbing and the occasional drop into periods of eerie near-silence. Using a variety of vintage analogue synthesisers and electronics, they have recreated the futuristic, industrial world of ominous darkness and dazzling light imagined by Kraftwerk in 1975 and reconstructed in this bold new manifestation for 2015. The album is mastered by Denis Blackham, who mastered Kraftwerk's classic 1974 album Autobahn." (label info) vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve, with CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2016| LEAF | 18.90

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