""Space Trash", the fourth album by Austrian band villalog, plays with bending and distorting coordinates of space and time. Whereas their last album, "Cosmic Sister" was more of a space-disco sci-fi trip, the new album, "Space Trash", looks pointedly towards the earth. As always, villalog's musical starting point is found somewhere between Kraftwerk and Can, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Spacement3. Founded in 1999 as a duo, Michi Duscher (guitar) and Marc Muncke (electronics) were subsequently joined by drummer Bernhard Fleischmann, who also produced this latest album. Live performances by villalog often overflow into controlled drifting. Virtually all tracks have the potential to sink into an endless vortex of sounds that weave into and tumble over one another. This improvisational stream that glides out to the outer limits is at the core of "Space Trash". The album's roving sound was initially sparked during a brilliant concert at the 2010 Klangbad festival in Scheer, which in 2013 led to an invitation from festival and label boss Hans Joachim Irmer to record in his own Faust studio. Irmler also became co-producer of the album, reasonable collaboration as it is sometimes puts the focus on letting space and time oscillate." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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