"This is a musical journey to the shores of imagined inner lands and the forests of hopes and dreams. These songs represent the picture of continents that I've not yet visited. From northern Scandinavia , I include here some moments of beauty from my country, its nature, cities and villages. The songs of Suudelmitar are coloured dreams gone to the past as the page turns to the future. For me they are the opening act for the real knowing and understanding of foreign cultures as they appear in the common everyday life and music. At the beginning, Suudelmitar was meant to be a little guitar/vocal collection of songs, but at some point, somehow, it turned out to be this orchestral thing. Well, that's the way it goes, can't control it... Here in these songs, you'll meet some of the best musicians of Finland , my close friends and loved ones. I hope you will enjoy the songs of Suudelmitar, and I wish peace, lots of love and happy days in your life." (V.Leinonen)
in stock | FI| 2007| FONAL | 13.90

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