"Not long ago, the Belgian label, Meakusma, released Exchange - an EP featuring two Viola Klein arrangements of a sabar/beats session with performances by Family Diop of St. Louis, Senegal, and Whodat of Detroit, MI, USA, recorded at the Diop's home, where Whodat lay down her beats in the courtyard with a boombox - a portable playback device - while Mr. Diop and his sons replied with their sabar. Sabar are Senegalese drums. Ms. Klein captured their performances in ProTools-a digital recording program-using a Zoom Recorder microphone. Queen Mum's Mail have fallen in love with the club mix of the B-side and for love's sake will release it, mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, as "Open Mind" - the only side of QM'SM first twelve-inch. Hear Kim Sherobbi sing. A-Musik will distribute." (Mayo Thompson)
in stock | DE| 2017| QUEEN MUM'S MAIL | 10.90

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