Frédéric Arbour, with his Visions project, released the ''Lapse'' cd in 2005 on his own label Cyclic Law, and this album stands out as one of our faves of that year in terms of ambient music. So it's not surprising that we were enchanted by the 2 unreleased tracks Visions submitted to us towards the end of that same year, and that we decided to make a 10'' maxi with those tracks.The sound themes and perspectives proposed within the 2 tracks are numerous, and they harmonize in a sublimely complex and thoughtful way. The main backdrop is composed of dark synthetic layers which stretch towards the infinite, and which welcome gradually, among others, sound motifs that are acoustically generated and that echo each other, reinforcing the effect of sound vortex into which the listener is dragged. Ethereal melodies accentuate the epic character of this odyssey into the unfathomable interstellar immensity. A release which will appeal to fans of dark-ambient, of course, but which will also delight fans of atmospheric music in general! (Label info) gatefold sleeve; limited to 270 copies
in stock | US| 2006| ANGLE.REC | 11.90

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