"(((vlubä))) present A-Mu-Kia: a new cosmic drone ritual (and first on LP). (((vlubä))) is an Argentinian paranormal art project founded by Mu¨riscia Divinorum and Aphra Cadabra. Since their initiation in 2001, their ritual, cosmic, drone and free music has been documented on recordings issued on diverse labels around the world (Chocolate Monk, Ikuissus, Pseudoarcana, Foxglove, Phase!, RootDonLonie, Musik Atlach, Buh. etc) and have appeared on numerous compilations, splits and collabs with artist such as Alan Courtis, Futurians, Uton, Michael Donelly and many more. (((vlubä))) have appeared in several festivals throughout South and Central America: Festival Integraciones - Perú (2011), Festival los Lenguajes Alienígenas - México (2014), Hyperlocal Festival - Buenos Aires (2017), in addition to countless gigs across the multimedia and underground scenes. In 2016, (((vlubä))) has joined the visual artist Fernando "Huanchaco" Gutierrez in the Peruvian desert of Chilca for a hypnagogic UFO show and radio transmission to space. Their entire oeuvre focuses on extraterrestrial themes, sci-fi and most importantly the essence of strong psyche-shamanistic soundscapes." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | EG| 2019| NASHAZPHONE | 19.90

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