"For some, DIY is merely an irritating chore; putting up some shelves or fixing various parts of your house after they've been subjected to more than a little wear and tear. But for Manchester-based Rick Tomlinson it takes on a different meaning. Having self-released a slew of CD-Rs to universal acclaim, Tomlinson - aka Voice of the Seven Woods - has seen his stock rise immeasurably. One of those sold-out CD-Rs has now received a reissue, which will go some way to sating the demand for anything bearing Tomlinson's nom de plume. "The Journey" is now being made available on both CD and 10" vinyl, with both formats limited to 999 copies. Eschewing the raga-folk and Eastern-tinged delights of his debut album, "The Journey" confounds expectations and thrills with its intense yet airy folk-rock and instrumental drone. It finds him far from a comfort zone, and the molten guitar parts which adorn lead track "Solitary Breathing" hiss with a brooding menace, constructing an autumnal atmosphere which pulses throughout. The title track, a deftly finger-picked folk song, coaxes a circular melody from a deeply resonant acoustic guitar, weaving enchantingly beautiful sounds which twist and turn in upon themselves, while "Breaking in the Moonlight" chimes with an unsettling but strangely compelling feel; distant yet utterly captivating. "3am Home" could be a distinctly odd lullaby, with its delay-drenched guitar creeping into the back of your mind, revealing an elegant sense of warmth which belies its eerie exterior. Meanwhile, the closing untitled track sees him winding repeated melody patterns into sparse, homespun folk. Far removed from the Turkish psych and Krautrock inspirations which have denoted other Voice of the Seven Woods releases, this is an integral part of Rick Tomlinson's ever-growing discography and one which will provide a wonderful addition to your collection." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2008| KNING DISK | 13.90

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