"Born in 1938, Volker Heyn is an "outsider", or perhaps an "unloved insider", an avant-gardist when it comes to experimental music, reaching beyond the trends of his generation of »New Simplicity«, »Neo-Romanticism«, »New Complexity« and so forth. In 1960 he left Europe to spend more than ten years in Australia where he joined a travelling theatre company, made ends meet by singing in nightclubs and working the night shift in a metal works. Heyn's music is the mise en scène of an acoustic condition, whose manifold reflections perpetually interlock and shatter, like a box of mirrors. It investigates a process, which in itself is inaccessible and cannot be reproduced on paper." (label info) Tracklist: K'TEN für Kontrabaß, Violine, Klavier und Perkussion 2005 / Sirènes für Streichquartett 1983 / Préludes zu Ferro Canto #1+#2+#3 Tonband (Fragment) 1989 / Blues in B-flat für Violoncello solo 1981 / Blah 2 für Violine solo und 7 Violinen vom Zuspielband 1985 / Resurrection #1 für für Klavier, Kontrabaß und Zuspielband 2000 / Les Visages des Enfants für Streichquartett 2002-2004 / Graffiti, Risse für 4 Holzbläser, Klavier und 3 Streicher 1998-1999. Performers: Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin · Steffen Tast, Pellegrini-Quartett: Antonio Pellegrini, Thomas Hofer, Fabio Marani, Helmut Menzler. Comes in digipack, with booklet (german/english).
in stock | DE| 2011| EDITION RZ | 16.90

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