"An electronic/analog music duo comprised of Scott August (aka French Paddleboat) and Kevin Rivard, Vote Robot stand quite defiantly far apart from the endless crop of current electro experimenters in that they work exclusively with tapes, turntables, mixers, and analog synths; creating a subtle, and engulfing flow that is uneasing and pleasing both. No laptops, no sequencers, no Pro-Tools, no drum machines, nothing high tech, or barely even a product of the 1990's present here; yet the music of Vote Robot manages to stand alongside the latest batch of technicians found in the Wire, yet boasting a key additional ingredient found less commonly in their well celebrated contemporaries. That key ingredient being the murky and essential intangible better known as warmth. By near definition, most electronic music cannot be warm, yet the two young men of Vote Robot just have it, and in spades.owing I suppose to their methods and equipment, strange and easily amusable personalities, and the fact they have good good ears that influence everything they do through editing, composition, and ruthless quality control. It seems more and more people everywhere are seeing the difference, and indeed more and more people are prepared to Vote Robot." (label info) special offer
in stock | CA| 2001| SCRATCH | 4.90

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