"Gigante Sound are extremely excited about the latest Vulcanus 68 release Contours and Colours and it is quite a departure from their previous ones. This time around the creative minds behind the Gigante Sound label; Dominic Cramp (Borful Tang, Lord Tang, Qulfus, Evangelista) and Jared Blum (Blanketship, Beaks Plinth, Talking Book w/ Bill Gould) have left the moulded basement and dusty lo fi musique concrete chambers by leaping up to solar clouds with this classically inspired sonicly cosmic album. Full of repeating motifs, layered Melotron melodies, bits of percussion, acoustic instrument treatments, some blurry droneage and slowed vinyl and cassettes; this could be music for a Russian planetarium spectacular! A heavy dose of sub harmonics, solitary seventies- style synths and Clavinets that lay beside wobbly pianos and flutes all warped together as single continuous movement and pace taking you on a journey to somewhere else." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| GIGANTE SOUND | 12.90

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