"alga marghen very proudly presents the only authorized reissue of all Walter Marchetti original recordings previously released by Cramps Records. An LP sized 4CD box set including "La caccia", "In terram utopicam", "Per la sete dell'orecchio", "Natura morta" and "Vandalia". Also included is the new 180 pp. book by Walter Marchetti titled "De musica inversa", an instruction manual of both theory and practice for the proper and improper use of music. CD1includes "La caccia" (1965), "Adversus" (Home-made electric music) (1966) and "Osmanthus fragrans" (Home-made electric music) (1973). CD2 includes "J'aimerais jouer avec un piano qui aurait une grosse queue" (1974/75) and "Per la sete dell'orecchio" (1981). CD3 includes "Natura Morta" (1980). CD4 includes "Perpetuum mobile" (1981), "Song for John Cage" (1985) and "Le secche del delirio" (1989)." (label info) All CDs come with 8pp. or 16 pp. booklets, all texts (also of the book) are in English and Italian. Limited edition of 400 copies.
in stock | IT| 2010| ALGA MARGHEN | 89.90

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