"The recording of "La Caccia", one of the most radical in the neo-avantgarde panorama for 35 years, is divided in two tracks: "versione all'aria aperta" and "versione per uno spazio chiuso". The sound is generated by hunting calls for birds and other animals. According to Steven Stapleton, this is one of the best records ever published. The CD includes "La caccia" (1965) as well as two estreme electronic ZAJ pieces, "Adversus" (Home-made electric music) (1966) and "Osmanthus fragrans" (Home-made electric music) (1973). The 16 page booklet presents the orginal scores, photos of both the 1965 ZAJ performances and of Marchetti recording "La caccia" in the 1970s, photos of the concert at Galleria Multhipla in 1974, and the reproduction of the original "La caccia" LP layout. All texts are published both in English and Italian. First included in an LP sized 4CD box set "De musica inversa", this CD is also available now, separately from the complete box set, in a very limited number of copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2010| ALGA MARGHEN | 16.90

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