"With "Vandalia" Walter Marchetti is focusing his concrete and radical themes. Action Music! The LP, titled "Vandalia", includes "Perpetuum mobile" (1981) and "Le secche del delirio" (1989). Both pieces were never available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces a photo of the "Perpetuum mobile" performance at Musicalia in 1981. The full color inner sleeve reproduces a "Musica da camera" installation and the original "Vandalia" layout. All texts are published both in English and Italian. First included in a 5LP box set together with other 4 LPs "In terram utopicam" this LP is also available now, separately from the complete box set, in a very limited number of copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2010| ALGA MARGHEN | 19.90

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