WANG INC. - S/T (12")

"Wang Inc. is a corporation of sound research founded by Bartolomeo "Bart" Sailer. Its laboratories sintetize a product whit a new concept: The sounds of industrials articles are catched, isolated, manipulated and applied to the final product of Wang Inc., the electronic dance music. In the meantime Bart released an album on the french label Bip-Hop. His favourites sounds are the sounds of daily objects, the ones nobody pays attention to but everybody hears and recognizes. Bart collects this sounds but sintetizes even new ones. His "masters" are the futurist composers G.Russolo and A.Mayer, the theorist of "time walk" and famous italian contemporary "concret music" composer. Bart plays also as "ecologic DJ", because he wants to fight the "acustic pollution" of the typically dance music." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1999| SONIG | 1.90

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