"You may have caught Alexander Wendt stalking the unlit corners of Resonance FM; until recently he hosted a hosted a show which doggedly documented environmental electronica. His own music roams similar terrain - this survey dates back to 2002, fusing finety-turned miniatures into an overarching three-part narrative. Wendt's strengths as a composer are clearly stated by the opening "Confluence Of Indus And Zaskar", where the glint of high frequency shards of sound at first distracts from the stealthy arrival of a sonorous chord progression in the lower registers. The balance between the scurry of astringent detail and the slow emergence of an almost amniotic whole is just about perfect. "Trio-Log" is similarly incremental in impact - sparse digital events gather pace before arriving (in "Bus") at an almost alchmical chime; it's like the moment of nuclear fusion, and the etiolated, uncanny drones which follow sketch the contours of a landscape forever altered." (The Wire) special offer!
in stock | UK| 2008| MIATERA MUSIC | 6.90

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