Music by Werner Wolf Glaser, one of Sweden's most productive composers. He was born i Cologne, Germany, but is since 1944 an important figure in the musical life of Västerås, Sweden: as a composer, music reviewer and founder of The Västerås School of Music. He studied compostion under Paul Hindemith and conducting and piano at the colleges of music in Cologne and Berlin. His music is modernistic, and musical concentration is important to him: he removes repeats, formulas and altered rhythms. He has been described as a "fantasy-full, lyric-epic warm melody-maker". Participating artists: Antonio Nicolino, Violin; Kennet Boman, Oboe; Västerås Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Harry Damgaard (label info)
in stock | SE| 1992| PHONO SUECIA | 6.00

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