"Viola Klein (Cologne) arranges on this record combining the beats and moods of her friend Whodat (Detroit) on side A and her own on side B. Side A, Funeral Song (Whodat's beats in a Viola Klein edit) Who wouldn't want this song to be played at his or her own funeral? Essential beatmaking comes easy to Terri (Whodat). You don't want to be far from her humour; you stay right there. Side B, Reprise, Appreciation of Unity Fellowship Church New York (Viola Klein) The audio materialization of Jacqui Lewis' quote on Viola Klein 001 joined with a speech on power and the togetherness of two female reverends. What transition will you make, coming from that bass, daring the 1?" (label info)
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in stock | DE| 2019| WORKSHOP | 11.90

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