"The shock of King Crimson's arrival, ascendancy and transatlantic success - all in a period of just under a year - carried within it the seeds of the line-up's implosion in December of 1969 when Ian McDonald and Michael Giles left the band. Taking up the option to record an album as a duo - with Michael's brother Peter taking the role as bass guitarist - the eponymous album was recorded in the summer of 1970 and released in the UK in November of that year. It was and remains a minor classic of the late British Underground era - an album that could only come from that particular time and place and, very obviously, an album that was always intended as just that - a studio construct with no evidence that it was ever imagined as music that could or might be played on the 1970 gig circuit - (though some of the material would be performed more than thirty years later in 2002 by the 21st Century Schizoid Band)." (label info) The original stereo masters to the album - along with the original multi-track tapes - were returned to the control of the artists in late 2021. This is the first official release of the album on vinyl in decades & the first time since 1970 that the album has been cut from the original masters.
in stock | UK| 2023| HOLZ RECORDS | 29.90

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