"Thierry Müller is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who is best known for his projects Ilitch and Ruth. He uses unconventional guitars as well as keyboards and other electronic devices to create unusual textures and sounds. A Parisian graphic designer, he began making recordings in the early 1970s using prepared guitars, harmonium and tape recorders as instruments. Since 1978, his albums with multiple and unclassifiable universes (Periodik Mindtrouble, 10 Suicides) have been erected as Cult by people like Lee Ranaldo, Steven Stapleton, Edward Ka-Spel. He has collaborated with, among others, Valentina Fanigliulo (Mushy), Nick Littlemore (Empire Of The Sun), Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear), Jac Berrocal and Quentin Rollet. Pepe Wismeer is a duo living in the Ardennes led by Anne-Laure Therme and Damien Van Lede. Since 1999 they have released about twenty albums, all relatively unclassifiable and deep, on the borders of experimental, industrial, dark-folk and ambient. In their icy or hot universe where a subtle mixture of anguish and melancholy crouches, emerging from a multitude of organic and analog sounds, the languid voice, the piano and the sometimes epic effects breathe melodies and frames of a irresistible beauty. Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound chose them for his compilation of versions of Two Shaves And A Shine. Thierry Müller and Pepe Wismeer met during a showcase in a Paris record shop and started chatting. They soon decided to work together and have previously released one collaborative album." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2024| KLANGGALERIE | 17.90

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