WOLF EYES - HUMAN ANIMAL (special price) (CD - USED m-/m-)

"This new slab is the first with Mike Connelly (of Hair Police and the Gods of Tundra label) replacing Aaron Dilloway. Though he no longer tours with the band, Dilloway remains involved and helped to mix the new record with BMG (who also did the deed on Burned Mind).These songs are rotten with metal, reeds, consciousness-erasing islands of black doom; bass-heavy rippers, late-night free-terror jams, afflicted dog-hearts, underwater crabs: pure mayhem. The new double bass attack is showcased on "Human Animal" and "Rusted Mange" with scraping strings and a full terror-shriek workout re-organized by Dilloway. New directions are countered by "Rationed Rot," which revisits the eerie Throbbing Gristle-esque vocal deployment that dates from Wolf Eyes' Dread LP." (label info) cd version includes one bonus track. special prized overstock w/ crossed out barcode, not sealed
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| SUB POP | 7.80

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