"On "Small Favours", the 6-track Vinyl edition of the album "Favours", electronic music wizard Wolff Parkinson White teams up with guest singers - amongst them Norah Jones, Natalie Beridze and Pascal Le Boeuf - for an even number of songs in odd time signatures. Juxtaposing his trademark torrent of rapid-fire sliced processed audio with the warmth of the human voice, Wolff Parkinson White's first 12" release on Nonplace, relies on comparatively familiar song structures and answers the question of what a collaboration between Bjoerk and Venetian Snares would sound like, if both were more aware of the drawbacks of both diatonic tedium and ceaseless harmonic wasteland, respectively. Jochen Rueckert, jazz drummer hiding behind the moniker "Wolff Parkinson White" also appears on "Heaps Dub" by Root 70 and "Coptic Dub" by Hayden Chisholm's recording project The Embassadors." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| NONPLACE | 13.90

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