"Mit Wittgenstein in Krisuvík - zweiundzwanzig Elfenlieder für Island" (With Wittgenstein in Krisuvík - twenty-two Elf Songs for Iceland), the solo CD by Wolfgang Müller, is released on a-musik, Cologne. Wolfgang Müller, author, artist and the head of the legendary cult band "Die Tödliche Doris", lives in Berlin (in the Kreuzberg district) and in Reykjavík. He is the president of the Walther von Goethe Foundation Reykjavík. "In order to create an agreeable environment, where elves would feel comfortable, I must remain equally open to the musical, the non-musical and extra-musical," says Wolfgang Müller. And so, various musical styles, directions and currents are found running through on on his new CD, "Mit Wittgenstein in Krisuvík". Elves and dwarves are behind all of those, inaudible and yet perceptible - some friendly, the others wrathful; sometimes merry, serious at other times." (label info)
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in stock | DE| 2003| A-MUSIK | 13.90

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