"This is the debut offering from the transatlantic (Italy/U.S.) duo of Vanessa Rossetto (Pulga, The Mighty Acts of God, etc.) and Salvatore Borrelli (aka (etre) & Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia). An avant folk tour de force combining elements of electroacoustic music, glitch and many other experimental forms, Cavallo Meraviglisio gallops upon the scene assured and ready. Performing with an arsenal of instrumentation at the ready (violin, viola, balalaika, theremin, guitar, dulcetina, concertina, autoharp, bells, xylophone, voice, baritone guitar, tablas, darbukas, Turkish saz, xylophone, esraj, dulcimer, resonant ukulele, celtic 'droned' harp, banjo, kalimba, shruti box, Irish bouzouki, lap steel guitar, toys & drum machine) the duo has crafted a recording that successfully combines the myriad of influences of its creators into an organic and unique whole." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| m-/m-| FIRE MUSEUM | 9.74

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