"Recorded by James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand, with his friend Duquette Johnston (formerly of Verbena) and his band the Gum Creek Killers. The album was mixed by Stephen Goose Trageser (who also helped mix Wooden Wand's 2010 album 'Death Seat', on Michael Gira's Young God label) and mastered by Matt Pence (Centr-O-Matic). The beautiful cover art was done by Robert Beatty of Hair Police fame. 'Briarwood' represents the latest direction by an artist who continuously confounds, befuddles and challenges his loyal fans, but what do you expect from a guy with a tattoo on his wrist that says "What Would Neil Young Do?" The nine tracks here include 'Winter In Kentucky', 'Scorpion Glow', 'Big Mouth USA' and 'The DNR Waltz'." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| FIRE RECORDS | 16.90

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