""DRONE RECORDS is very proud to finally issue this long planned Drone by this prolific German artist! FEUERSTERN (which translates as "Firestar") captures two tracks of luminous tones & magnetic resonances which create a warm and floating aural flux. With mellow concrete material setting the counterpoint, very subtle hisses, smacking & clicking sounds can be distinguished. These are enriched further on Side B with field recordings by MICHAEL NORTHAM made in September 2006 at the Audioframes Sonic Art Festival in Herne. This was where FEUERSTERN was also performed in a choreographed way using fireworks! Very delicate tone colours and a perfectly balanced sound pattern allow for contemplative listening sessions... The 7" comes in a golden lettered & embossed grey cardboard box with golden printed grey inlay. 300 copies, DARK RED VINYL. COMES IN CARDBOARD-BOX WITH GOLDEN EMBOSSING." [label info]
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2008| DRONE | 7.70

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