"The D6 Cru, top score in the rhyme lottery, are back! And they've packed a solid album with 20 massive tracks full of untouchable beats and rhymes. With their debut "Die Wichtigkeit" (trans. Importance) ILL-TILL, TIGER, DER RICHTER, TRETBOTE, KNOCHENBLUT and DJ OPFERRILLE already set the bar really high. Before it nobody had heard anything like this in German hip-hop. The title track is the eavesdrop-rap "Die Reime der anderen" (trans. The rhymes of others), which is set against the scene of a large scale Hip-hop tapping maneuver. There's hardly one hot topic that they don't touch on this tell-it-like-it-is album. The Cru from Berlin-Kreuzberg have managed to satirize wonderfully the trend away from B-Boy culture towards conditioned texts via social responsibility. "Quartiersmanege" for example, is a ruthless attack on all the city planning gentry, in Kreuzberg and elsewhere, who are up to their overpaid mischief. The Cru's rhymes find their counterpoint just as much in the sound, like on "Radio zurück" (trans. Radio back) where an acid bass line combines with lyrics that is filled with wonderful platitudes. One highlight is certainly the dark and driving tune "Mabuse", which creeps up on the listener like a bad feeling, with its conspiratorial original Mabuse samples. And last but not least, love also gets a mention on "BonBon Mädchen" (trans. Candy Girl), which shows that even ILL TILL knows about love." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| SONIG | 12.90

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