"The newest addition to the Pre-Cert library comes from Xian Orphic, a new recording project from Andy Votel, and combines new automated analogue music, positive meditational repeaters and neo-tantric sound collages presented in 5 parts. This multi-purpose music draws from a broad range of kindred influences and approaches synchronised transcendental / nu-religious / metaphysical and sensual music forms from a new perspective, drawing direct influence from private music pioneers such as Kat Epple, Marc Disler, Dariush Dolat Shahi, Mark Shreeve, Suzanne Ciani and Ramases while giving nods to sound sculptures by the likes of Egisto Macchi, Bernard Parmegiani and Bruno Spoerri. Like many Pre-Cert releases this project is as a micro-archive of experiments and references, leaving an open ended avenue for further volumes. By contrasting processed modular synth tones with recorded and transposed melodic pulses, Xian Orphic adds lo-fi domestic sounds and classic Kosmische to paint positive psychological relationships. The overall effect manages to reflect elements of German electronic records while recontextualising the more optimistic moments of popular horror soundtracks by artists like Alan Howarth, Klauss Schultze and John Carpenter." (label info) Limited edition of 500 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| PRE-CERT HOME ENTERTAINM. | 21.90

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