"Second album from this new Japanese, Tokyo underground psych unit, much touted by Modern Music. Featuring the mysteriously-monikered Yamashirube aka Hide Uchida on electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, "cheap" keyboard, singing bowl and whistle and Tei Rali on drums, Yuki-Onna. is a beautifully out-of-time slice of classic space ritual, with blops of keyboard generating simple codes of intergalactic morse ala Sun Ra, Conrad Schnitzler and Michael Rother while delayed percussion beats milky patterns into a starless, black sky. Guitar-led tracks are a whole other gloriously-stoned universe, with delicately vibrating monochords piloted to a standstill ala Siloah or Joshua's Gold Cosmos while vapour trails weave webs of boo across your brain and single metallic notes flash like silver magnets. Closest parallel is probably the early Magical Power Mako albums in terms of gob-dropping, lost to the void electro hymns though Rali's drumming will take you right back to the more sparse Fushitsusha Tokuma-era recordings. Totally gorgeous void-deep private-press style edition with cover art featuring a cartoon profile kissing a cluster of stars. Comes in a handmade black card sleeve with mounted CD-R, fold-out gold credits and insert on Uchida's own Subjective Spirit Sounds label. Limited to only 77 copies." (Volcanic Tongue)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| SUBJECTIVE SPIRIT SOUND | 9.74

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