"YOSHIO MACHIDA: amorphone#2, steelpan, steel guitar, programming, live electronics (Max/MSP) TETSURO YASUNAGA: electronics(03, 05, 06) KEIICHI SUGIMOTO: guitar(01, 03, 06) "Infinite Flowers" is the 3rd album of YOSHIO MACHIDA, a sound & visual artist, based in Tokyo. Developing a gong piece from his 2nd album,"Hypernatural #2 (2001, softl music)", this album was made using a sound system of steel pan + live electronics(Max/MSP). In a unique piece, "¡hana mambo!", humorous robot choir is singing with rhythm and it's creating an exotic atmosphere. The wonderful ecology, beauty and brightness of "flower" which is the theme of this album are expressed in electronics textures enough. Creating with Keiichi Sugimoto(guitar, ex. MINAMO, FONICA) and Tetsuro Yasunaga(electronics, ex. MINAMO, VOIMA) from cubic music which is leading Tokyo's new music scene, it became electro-acoustic ensemble with clear sounds." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2004| AMORFON | 14.90

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