"Known not only as a music critic, but as co-author of 'Jazz Logic Pataphysique' with Naruyoshi Kikuchi, and as a musician in his own right with projects such as sim and mas, Yoshio Ootani releases his first solo album 'Kagan Bojitsusho'. This is the first release on the Headz sublabel Gramophone, which focuses on the relationship between words (Gram) and sound (Phone). Ootani recites lines from Toshiyuki Horie's Kagan Bojitsusho, and adds his own compositions and arrangements to the spoken word to create a unique sonic experience. Recitation, composition, arrangements, performance, recording, editing by Yoshio Ootani. Guests include Teruyuki Oshima from sim, and Takashi Ueno of the Tennis Coats who released his solo album 'Hasunosu' from vectors-Headz as ueno. The album is mixed by Tatsuya Yamada of mas. What occurs when one recites the written word in front of an audience? I have been interested in creating pieces based on my attempt to understand the emotions that emerge when reciting the written word. What kind of voices are contained and not contained in the written word? How different is spoken word from singing? What is lost and gained when reciting the written word, or writing down spoken word? Isn't reciting a poem the same as singing to somebody? Who is that somebody? We live in an era when recording-playback media are at the basis of music distribution, and a vocal recitation which only occurred once but unheard by an audience, can be inscribed into the realm of repetition-symbolization through recording. Being in such an environment, I wanted to take the opportunity to present these issues. This is an attempt at reinforcing the backbone not only of the 'words', but of the 'music' itself. As a starting point, it was the utmost honor to be able to use a novel by one of Japan's greatest writers of prose, Toshiyuki Horie. I can not thank Mr. Horie enough. In 'Tales of Moonlight and Rain' (a horror tale from the Edo period), the monk Saigyo chants an incantion in the mountains, and in turn emperor Sutokuin who fell to the depths of hell appears in the form of a ghost. Similarly, I hope that this album helps to dispel any of the dark forces that exist inside the depths of the listener." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| HEADZ | 16.90

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