speacila offer "Osaka's Koshiro Hino steps up to the plate for the next journeys by Nous Disques with an oblique experiment in syncopated, gritty-textured, deep-hued techno with a heroic dash of industrial malevolence. The EP opens with 'Borei' an out and out mind melter of a track reminiscent of the golden days of DJAX-UP, before travelling to sparse second wave spaces with 'Doobidoo' and 'Shadow' a perfect partnering of nonchalant efficiency. Side two comprises the doomy and dense 'Holy Goof' which at over 8 minutes makes for a soporific listen, while the EP's closer 'Smog' featuring AKN, is an adventurous sensorial amalgamation of muted hiss and hum with a deliberate metallic heartbeat winding the track ever tighter on its perfectly realised axis." (label info)
in stock | GR| 2015| NOUS | 6.90

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