"In la salida (the journey) the Berlin-based guitarist and performance-artist Rainer Frey (aka "YREF") created a very concentrated, trance-like guitar piece. YREF freed the word 'trance' from the weight of all cliches and reduced it to it's pure meaning: the irresistible groove. The piece derives its energy from subtle changes in it's flowing movement. No overdubs were needed; this track was played live with a delay-effect. Rainer Frey has worked as a (solo-)artist for more then twenty years. In several theatre-projects and in bands like Monoblock, his unique musical style has been an essential ingredient. Professor Stabroth macht ein Nickerchen (im Zug nach Bamberg) is a slowly flowing glockenspiel piece, devoid of any rhythmical meter. It sounds like it's title, which translates to "Professor Stabroth takes a nap on the train to Bamberg". Bernd Wilberg plays with the sound qualities of the glockenspiel: a long sustain and percussive character. The result could be described as nervous meditation. Professor Stabroth is a perfect response to the other piece: opposite in some ways, but concerned with some of the same topics. Bernd Wilberg is known as one part of the cologne electroacoustic duo Schmitz und Niebuhr." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 2000| EMPHASE | 5.00

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