"Vacant is a completely personal music. It contains the kinds of songs that tell of one person's experiences in a way that opens out towards all who encounter the work. Vacant plants seeds deep within the listener and these germinate at unexpected moments and with unpredictable results. Having lived with the record for the past half year, I can speak to this experience. 'Far Away From Here', one of the long-form pieces on the record has found its way bubbling up in my subconscious. The same can be said of 'Mantis', another piece with melodies that just fold into you, burying themselves with a gentle presence that radiates in time. I can't recommend Ytamo's music to you enough. She is a source of inspiration and light, something that is always welcome.especially during times such as this." (Lawrence English)
in stock | AU| 2020| SOMEONE GOOD | 13.90

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