"Pianist, composer, and a pioneer of experimental electronic music, Yuji Takahashi releases his first new album in 12 years from ATAK, for whose anti-war compilation "60 Sound Artists..." he had contributed a piece a few years ago. The CD includes next to six new tracks three rare pieces created between 1963 and 1995. While the first half is interesting as a showcase of the 67-year-old artist's approach to electronic music and technology, it's definitely the three last titles that, available for the first time on CD, maken this disk an immensely precious document. Also musically, with a 15-minute 1989 creation that features Takahashi's voice reciting a Kafka text, and the sensational "Time" made in 1963, the second half of ATAK006 is the most rewarding." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| ATAK | 9.90

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