"Initially released on Magic Book Records in Japan a few months ago, this US release of "Rut" is quite different in that it has been remastered with some tracks having been completely re-constructed / remixed, with one track being replaced by a new one, therefore improving the flow of the tracks and heightening the emotive dynamics of the entire release. Needless to say, and/OAR is quite pleased to make this quintessential version of "Rut" available to world." (label info) and/OAR's sister label, mOAR, releases its second album and, blow me down, if it's not an absolute beauty. Yuki Kaneko's "Rut" is an instantly likeable rummage through delicate electronic music that brings to mind labels such as 12k or Plop. There's a playfulness to the sounds and arrangements (for example, the cheeky rhythm structure on the first track) yet it has its serious side too with some killer manipulations and textural work. Kind of like Sora meeting Sawako round at the Spekk office and recording the outcome. If you like any of the previously mentioned artists or labels, this is a must listen." (Mike Oliver) sell out price
in stock | US| 2008| m-/m-| MOAR | 8.00

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