Starting from the experience of musique concrete, the Italian duo z_e_l_l_e has linked the historical lesson of Pierre Schaeffer, rarefied stylizations of that same "narrative of memory", with the most recent evolutions in the electronica and post-digital music fields (glitch, click'n'cuts, microsound and so on). The duo was founded early 2000 by Nicola Catalano and Maurizio Martusciello and released its debut CD "nth" on American label Line, a carefully crafted work of pointillistic abstraction, a sort of synthesis between science and humanism. The new album "rjct::nw" goes further into a world of impalpable digital zen dimension, paraphrasing Samuel Beckett: a world of "vibrating contours... balances... breaking and reforming as we look at them... breathing colours, panting... swarming stillness... a world without weight, without strength, without shadow". Onkyo music at its nth degree.
in stock | JP| 2003| CUBIC FABRIC | 14.90

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