"New solo release from Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ. 'Emblem's Minimal packaging - silver on black and minimal information- seems ZAÏMPH is Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards et al. - a drone pulse for track one then a more pulseless drone - hashish music? - whatever (that word again) for the second and last track sounds like FM synthesis someone used to make - with third world horn/flute. But I think its guitar? - again its all very nostalgic and depressing for me - those long lost nights. Bassett seems to be heading away from noise back to some 60s dream house - is this some denial of 911 and the current situation - lets nuke iran (and any other nation beginning with I - iceland?) - I suppose it could represent a sexual experience encountered by Odysseus - not the Lotus-Eaters not the sirens gently singing but the spell of the nymph Calypso. we need daylight! I find with different reasons both of these disks difficult to review, like an old family photo album, some times, good things in their own way - but something I've passed on from - I cant even string a sentence - these could be played on BBC Radio 3s night waves - is that bad or good? Let the dead bury the dead." (Jliat / Vital Weekly)
in stock | UK| 2007| m-/m-| W.M.O/R | 10.00

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