"In 2010, Roel Meelkop played Venlo for the first time, doing a solo concert, one with Kapotte Muziek and one with Zebra. Someone in the audience tips of Mat, the man behind the original Limbabwe label now living in Slovenia, who invites Zebra to play in his home-town. Material was prepared based on the original Limbabwe releases (punk, post punk, crisis funk, poets and impovisation) and performed for a likewise small but bewildered audience in Idrija. The live recording is released on the a-side, while the b-side sees Zebra doing short laptop punk pieces based on the original samples, leaving the beat more at home. Not a departure from the signature full on Zebra sound, but rather deepening that sound. Released, theoretically, by Limbabwe, but only available, on green cassettes, by Korm Plastics, in a full color cover and in a limited edition of 50 copies." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2010| PLINKITY PLONK | 8.90

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