"Bioplex in Delay- Environments #1" is the debut solo release from German laptop wizard Zeitblom. His name may seem familiar from his collaborations with his Austrian counterpart Christian Fennesz and Peter Niemand, and the Golden Tone project with Fennesz and "Music for an Isolation Tank" with Fennesz and Niemand are his only other recorded projects (to my knowledge.) This release is very different from many of the microsound-esque records out now. Laptop artists like TV Pow, Fennesz and Jim O' Rourke tend to focus on creating a tangible sense of dynamism. With the incredible sound palette available to them, they cycle through ideas with extraordinary speed, executing with the click of a mouse what it would take hours to do with magnetic tape. Zeitblom's solo effort is very different. He designed this cd with a museum gallery in mind. The term "environments" is crucial to this work; because the 4 tracks spread over 2 cds exist as slowly and gradually developing sound fields." (ink19)
in stock | DE| 2000| TOURETTE | 4.90

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