"By zkr director Reinhold Friedl's personal request now available on vinyl for the first time: Zeitkratzer's critically acclaimed interpretations of groundbreaking compositions by James Tenney. James Tenney (1934 - 2006) was a composer, music theorist and pioneer especially in the field of microtonal music, being an influential part of the so-called New York avantgarde scene (Cage, Feldman). Besides his compositonal work, Tenney was teacher at various universities with students like Charlemagne Palestine, Carl Stone or Catherine Lamb, and a close friend with Eliane Radigue. This album by Zeitkratzer presents three compostions by Tenney whose music has been part of zeitkratzer's repertoire since their beginning: Critical Band is a late classic - with maximum clarity and precision of bearing tone rhythms and microtonal tuning as light effect, and the first recording of Harmonium #2. Both works demonstrate the remarkable power and resplendent sharpness which Tenney achieved with his microtonal settings. Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion" (a digital bonus track) is an orgiastic listening experience in the form of a huge crescendo on a tam-tam - from whispering to singing, culminating in shrill roaring and blustering - and it's dark decay. Zeitkratzer's approach to Tenney's music as a sensual sound adventure, finally available on vinyl!" (label info)
in stock | FR| 2022| KARLRECORDS | 19.90

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