Presenting a third volume of collaborative works between European avant garde ensemble Zeitkratzer and modern electronic composers. On this release, Zeitkratzer cooperates with legendary Japanese noise artist, Keiji Haino. The Berliner Zeitung had the following to say about this mind-melting collaboration: "They had only rehearsed for three days, but the result was mind-blowing. Haino made music on the guitar and on the drums, on electronic devices, on two Theremins and with his wonderfully changeable tenor; Zeitkratzer infolded him, pushed him away, embedded him in noise and carried him through the sound space like on atomizing waves. Only one thing did not exist: the reconciliation between the soloist and his ensemble, which would have denied the differences in traditions and styles; the greatness of the sound, the richness of his textures was a result purely of the contrast and its dynamic." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2008| ZEITKRATZER | 11.90

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