"Terre Thaemlitz developed the present pieces for and with zeitkratzer. The starting points were Thaemlitz' releases "means from an end" and "couture cosmetique", which present him as an electro acoustic composer with an amazing sensibility for sound and harsh cutting techniques. This is especially evident in the pieces "Sloppy 42nds" or "Turtleneck", and moreover, Thamlitz' filtering techniques are transformed into a complex, nearly surrealistic instrumental sound in "Superbonus". Thaemlitz' provenance as a New York underground DJ is recalled, as well as his political engagement in "Down Home Kami-Sakunobe" and "Hobo Train". On this CD you will probably find the most Pop oriented music - including references to dance and house - zeitkratzer has ever released!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2008| ZEITKRATZER | 11.90

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