warehouse find, new copy, sealed, coloured vinyl "Veterans of the sprawling Chicago music scene, Zelienople have carved out a unique sound over their album releases. 'The World is a House on Fire' is the latest chapter in the band's story, and frames their music more succinctly than ever before. Mike Weis (percussion), Matt Christensen (vocals, guitar) and Brian Harding (bass, saxophone) manage to perfect brooding, melancholy doom pop on their last full length 'Give It Up', and this latest LP finds the band in a more evocative mood. The trio have utilized dream pop tropes before, but in the first bars of opener 'The Southern' there is no doubt that the haunted Americana of the bands previous recordings has been swathed in a haze of drifting synthesizer tones and echoing organ drones. The simplistic beauty of Slowdive and early Verve is distilled to a vapour as it drifts into Christensen's characteristic vocals and Weis's soft, subtle percussion. This isn't pop music, but the skeletons of pop are just about audible, enshrined in something far more beautiful and much more delicate." (label info) Limited edition of 700 copies.
in stock | UK| 2012| TYPE | 17.90

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