"We're thrilled to release a tape by one of our all-time favourites. In the 2000s the one and only ZombieFleshEater literally caused alarm when he gave Breakcore a new meaning. Actually, the ZombieFlesheater became a genre of his own, with his unmatchable mix of Grind/Gabba/Speedcore and Harsh Noise/Electronics which back in those days was released on relevant labels such as Sprengstoff, Restroom, Mindbender or Sonic Belligeranza. Breakcore might has had its days, but the ZombieFleshEater is still around and brings you a more than convenient soundtrack for the mid 2010s, including goodies like "Misanthropicana", "Civil War In Kingston" and "Bashment King". Mindblowing stuff. edition of 80 copies, with download code." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| ALARM | 8.90

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