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a-musik staff picks september 2012

Autistikits, Things Sphinx K7 (101.IO)
The Eccentronic Research Council, 1612 Underture LP (Bird Records)
Harry Pussy, One Plus One 2LP (Palilalia)
Holy Other, Held LP/CD (Tri Angle)
Felix Kubin, The Tetchy Tapes LP (Minimal Wave)
Monoton, Monotonprodukt 07 2LP (Desire Records)
Dave Phillips, Ideal World (1) 7" (Ideal Recordings)
Brenda Ray, D'Ya Hear Me LP/CD (EM Records)
Steve Roden, A Big Circle Drawn with ... LP (Ini.itu)
Valgeir Sigurdsson, Architecture of Loss LP/CD (Bedroom Community)

a-musik staff picks august 2012

Jean Dubuffet, Experiences Musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II) 2CD (Rumpsti Pumsti (Edition))
Mats Gustafsson / Paal Nilssen-Love, I love it when you snore LP (Weird Forest)
Russell Haswell, Remixed 12" (Downwards)
Jeremiah Jay, Raw Money Raps 2LP/CD (Brainfeeder)
The Kings of Dubrock, Fettucini 2LP/CD (Staatsakt)
Maria Minerva, Will happiness find me? LP/CD (Not Not Fun)
Mutamassik, Rekkez LP (Ini.tu)
Bernard Parmegiani, L'oeil ecoute / Dedans-dehors LP (Recollection GRM)
Alexander Ross, Grandfather Paradox LP (Vauva)
V.A., John Cage Shock 2LP/3CD (EM Records)

Vortrag Christian Werthschulte

Freitag, 17.08. 19.30 Uhr Galerie Thomas Flor, Berlin. Mehringdamm 34

a-musik at Galerie Thomas Flor

On may 19th the Gallery Thomas Flor will open its new location in Berlin (Kreuzberg 61). Presentations by a-musik will be an inherent part of the gallery program. For each exhibition we will focus on selected musicians, labels or issues. The records can be purchased at the Gallery Thomas Flor, furthermore we are working on a supporting program. On the occasion of the first exhibition by the artist and musican Tim Berresheim we will show a selection of his records, cds and editions which have been released on the artists' records label Eventuell or on his own New Amerika imprint.

The gallery is located at Mehringdamm 34 in Berlin-Kreuzberg 61 and is opened tuesday to friday from 14:00 to 19:00 and on saturday from 12:00 to 18:00